daily moments – week 15

Here’s our week . . .

We did an egg hunt early this morning because Sundays are always crazy.

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daily moments – week 13

Here’s our week. . .

We are huge fans of Little Passports. This month we explored France so we read books and watched movies about France, we listened to French music, and ate French food. I love doing these activities with the boys. On this afternoon, we found a macaron store. We had a lot of fun.

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Daily Moments – Week 12

I’m a bit late. I usually like to get my post ready on Sunday and then I publish on Monday, but I decided to go on break. As you know, Sunday was Easter and we had family for the whole weekend and the weekend before we had friends. So we’ve been busy and I’m tired. I thought I deserved a day off.

Here’s what we’ve been up to . . .


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