daily moments – week 24

We have a birthday boy in the house this week! I will be doing a separate post just about Jonas tomorrow.

Here’s our week . . .

Brooks is into nature. He picks up bugs and shows them to me and then asks to keep them. I am fine with this as long as he doesn’t start collecting reptiles and birds.IMG_6243

Our bean tepee looks great! Now we are just hoping for beans.IMG_6253

Snack nite outside the pool.IMG_6259

Our board.IMG_6262

This week Mark and I worked in the yard for several hours after bedtime. We were tired and I was eaten up with bug bites but the yard looked nice after and I had a nice pitcher of flowers on my counter to remind me of our hard work.IMG_6295

I made shrimp with Moroccan spices. I am in love with a new cookbook.IMG_6300

Brooks helping his brother read.IMG_6307

Shrimp tacos with mango salsa.

This week was a struggle. Not much sleep, lots to do and two brothers that fight about everything. Extra coffee was needed on this day.IMG_6316

A science experiment that worked.

One morning I didn’t hurry up and eat while the kids were watching. When they realized I was eating, they rushed in and wanted second breakfast. By the time, everyone had their own eggs mine were cold and everyone wanted to sit right next to me.IMG_20160609_081944437

We meet a lizzard this week.IMG_20160609_111518938

This pool has saved us in the afternoons. After Jonas goes down for a nap, the boys and I head outside. Summer is here and it is hot.

Brooks thinks he could be Japanese because he loves ramen, seaweed, and sushi. He was serious about this.IMG_20160611_164536

Getting my pantry stocked for more kids in the house this week. IMG_20160611_092026618

Putting together VBS decorations for this week. Happy I will be able to check this off my list.

See you next week!


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