First Trip to the Dash

This past week Mark had a few days off, so we decided to take Brooks a few hours to the South and visit Mark’s hometown, Winston-Salem (often referred to as the Dash by the locals). The Dash is home to many wonderful things, like Krispy Kreme, RJR Tobbacco, and the Demon Deacons (Wake Forest Univ.) Since we will be leaving for Illinois on Friday, we thought it would be the perfect trip to do a dry run. He did awesome! Maybe its because he is still at the stage where he sleeps for 18-20 hours a day or maybe its because he is a wonderful baby. We unfortunately didn’t venture out too much because the weather, but we were able to do a few things and meet some Dash natives.

Brooks started smiling at us this week! Up to this point, he smiled while he was sleeping because of gas. On Wednesday night, he looked at Mark and gave a huge smile! I was slightly jealous since I felt the first smile should go to the one doing most of the work. In the above picture I was trying to capture his smile, but we were too slow to the draw and got a frown instead.

While we were visiting, Brooks got to meet a close friend of the family, “Grandma-in-law” Kostelich. She was so excited to meet our little boy. Brooks’ on the other hand was in a very bad mood, so we weren’t able to get a great picture.

We discovered Brooks loves bathtime! He had a great time splashing, cooing, and smiling at me and his Mimi Carter.
I’m proud to say our little guy successfully took a nap by himself today. He actually fell asleep without being rocked or patted. This is also the first day he slept in his crib. Hopefully by the end of the week he will be sleeping at night in his crib.


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