daily moments – week 47

We’ve been gearing up for Thanksgiving which means parties, plays and packing. So glad we are getting cooler weather because it really does feel like Fall. I am currently locked away in the upstairs bedroom while Mark takes care of the kids – bless him. I am going to take a moment to thank my best friend for really supporting me this year. Our business has really taken off and he has made time to help with the kids and the house. I couldn’t do this all without him supporting me every step of the way. Thank you.

Here’s our week . . .

Taking pictures for the Christmas card. This one didn’t make the cut but I kept it because I love it! My Silas. img_1115

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Happy Birthday Brooks!

This one made me a Mom 7 years ago. Its hard to believe but yes he is 7. Tonight as I checked on him before bed I was surprised by the length of his legs. He comes up to my shoulders. Instead of sobbing over the loss of baby cheeks and chubby fingers and clumsy words, I am rejoicing that my baby is growing up to be a kind, sensitive, and intelligent boy.

Here are my favorites.

What 6 year builds a model of the Taj Mahal?img_20160821_132113288

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