daily moments – week 5

This week I have been longing for the rural midwest. I think I miss the cold and snow. My instagram feed is full of lovely wintery scenes and it makes me want home. On the other hand, I walked today in 60 degree weather today and it was lovely. I guess I can’t have everything.

Here’s our week . . .

This might be my favorite spot in my whole kitchen. I love my cookbooks.

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daily moments – week 1

Welcome 2016! Its hard to believe its here because I hardly had time to reflect on this past year. We were visiting family all last week. Here’s our first week . . .

My nephew was determined to arrive in 2015. He was due in Feburary but my sister went into labor on December 27th. Carson was born on the 30th – 6 weeks early. He is doing well and so is his mom.IMG_9010

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daily moments – week 51

One more week until the big day! For us that means travel. We leave next Sunday so I will attempt to have the blog ready before we leave early. So grateful school is out for winter break! And today feels slow and relaxing. We have been doing lots of Christmasy activities and staying busy. Here’s our week . . .

This was the first of 8 loaves we baked this week. All, except one, went to teachers and friends.IMG_8564

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