daily moments – week 33

Its been quite a week around here. Brooks went to school and the boys and I found ways to stay entertained. Brooks is so far loving school and really likes his teacher. Silas is definitely in a better mood these days and Jonas is still Jonas. He’s just being two which is a hard job.

Here’s our week . . .

He knows how to cheese in front of the camera. He’s a natural.
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daily moments – week 31

This week felt like the last hoorah to summer even though we have a full week left until school starts. It was long but short at the same time. It was hot and busy and we are glad it’s over.

Here’s our week . . .

One afternoon the boys were begging to make paper planes, watch tv, and eat. So I sent them outside with popsicles and a bowl of soapy water to clean their cars.IMG_2499 Continue reading

daily moments – week 27

This is the only picture I took this week with a camera separate from my phone. The older boys were at camp and Jonas and I stayed busy.

Here’s our week . . .

I am currently obsessed with harissa. Its like sriracha but it has preserved lemons in it. We had it in Morrocco and I have been trying to hunt it down. Finally found it and its going on everything.
Tara Carter Photography 2016-07-01 (127 of 1)

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Happy Birthday Silas!

Happy Birthday buddy. You have been asking for the last 6 months when your birthday is and now it has finally arrived! My dear Silas you are a funny and cuddly boy. You are generous and kind. You always have the perfect line and delivery. You fiercely love your brothers and you are loved back. Happy 5th!

Here’s my favorites over the last year. (There’s a lot cause he’s a funny kid.)
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