Daily Moments – Week 48

Today I am sick in bed. I’m trying to see the silver lining in being limited to bed and close distance to the bathroom. I guess I will get a head start on that baby weight before the holidays. I can hear chaos downstairs as Mark tries to manage the laundry, kids, and meals. Thanks Babe! Anyway, I hope this post is coming to you as you are preparing for the holidays (in a peaceful and happy state). Here’s our week. . .

Brooks made a snowy mountain scene that he saw in a book. His creations always surprise me.IMG_3754

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Daily Moments – Week 40 (Brooks’ Fabulous Birthday Weekend)

We had a fun week as Brooks turned 5. I think he still wishes it was his birthday. Here’s our week . . .

This is a “shooter-ba-dooter.” That is exactly how he pronounces it. The funny thing is he is very serious about this toy and its name. I asked him to repeat it a couple times to make sure I heard him right.

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